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427 - Compressive Posture Corrector Vest

427 - Compressive Posture Corrector Vest

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A posture corrective undergarment that offers proper back support is hard to find in a smooth and unnoticeable design.The Compressive Posture Corrector Vest eliminates that issue with the help of crisscross compressive bands and a 3 position hook closure.

● These two features guarantee a comfortable and supportive fit every time you wear the vest!

● Along with the slimming effect of an improved posture, the garment also uses a compressive design to flatten your abdomen, enhance your waistline and lift your bust.

● The vest has a comfy fit throughout the day, thanks to the anti-slip band, and the 3-position wide straps that take the pressure off of your shoulders.

● Enjoy the therapeutic and aesthetic benefits of the vest, without even a hint of its presence! 

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